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By ChangeBDIn standard5th April, 2015

Renewable Energy Innovation Hub is a five-month long ‘Certificate Training Course’ organized by CHANGE in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State held from 1st January to 31st May, 2015. The training aims to mentor young innovations and engineering students from Universities, Poly Technical Institutions & Colleges with a specific focus on research and development of renewable energy appliances.After five months hard work the team have come up with six outstanding local innovations which were showcased in the Closing Ceremony which was held at the American center, American Embassy on 7th June, 2015. Jon Pineau, Aerospace Engineer from USA, George Mesthos, Cultural Affairs Officer of Public Affairs Section of U.S. Embassy, Mizan R. Khan, Professor of the Department of Environmental Science and Management of North South University, Shahed Alam, Special Correspondent of Channel 24 and Sajid Iqbal, founder of Change were present at the program for a panel discussion. The panel discussed about the prospect of the innovations, environmental benefits and problems to be addressed.Guests form USAID, GIZ (German Cooperation), Action Aid and many other different Development Organizations graced the occasion. The outstanding innovations were developed and assembled by local materials and knowhow and were displayed at the closing ceremony.

The innovations are:

  1. Solar Street lights
  2. Solar irrigation pump
  3. Solar water purifier:
  4. Energy Efficient Gasifier Kitchen
  5. Solar lanterns and
  6. Solar center

Solar Street lights are automatically operated with day light. One of the solar streets light is made from bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. These lights will be very helpful to ensure proper lighting in the village roads and also to increase the security of the community.


Solar irrigation pump gives around 25-30 thousand liters water per day. It can save fuel & environment and fulfill farming water requirement accordingly. Solar water purifier is a simple water purifier which has been developed with UV light and solar panel. It aims to provide 60 to 70 liters of safe drinking water each day.

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